Final Days

This was one class that really inspired me and truly helped me create my websites &

both site were used for two different reasons the first one mainly for class work and the second for my personal project even tho i syndicated all the work from my personal one to the class website.

i wanted both sites easy to navigate and not to many pages to travel between, i always find less to be more thats why i have all the blog post living on the main page for easy access

every time i look at the sites it bring a tear to my eyes

Its something I’ve always wanted to do. In the past i have created websites thru Square Space but the turn out wasn’t the same. i wasn’t nowhere near as pleased with my Square Space site compared to my WordPress one.


besides building the site itself i worked on  a couple rotoscopes

i designed my logo

and also created many gifs. most of which came from one of my favorite you-tubers

but besides all of that my main focus was on my personal site,

thats a project i started in attempts to showcase many different forms of art, either it be fashion, photography, paintings or film. since the beginning of that project ive held one event called The Flee Market  and that event was meant to showcase up and coming fashion brands and on May 21 i have an event called Eye & I. This event is a photography exhibit showcasing many different styles.

this is something i plan on doing for as long as possible, i love working people and this platform allows me to inspire people to continue working on what they love because now they know their work is being seen my hundreds.

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